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Weights W/Clip Lite Line
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Item #: SPWF5 -

    Single Clamp with 6 ounces Weight Weight with Clip Adjustable SPWF5. Adjustable alligator tip nipple clamps, sold singly. Try pleasurable 2 ounces, strong 4 ounces, intense 6 ounces or powerful 10 ounces. Weighs 0.66 pound. Spartacus A Passion For Quality Catalog page 17. Made in the USA. New images added February 10, 2013.

    Wide Tweezer Clamp Black Feather Color
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      Bijoux de Nip line Tweezer Clamp Wide Ends Black Feather Color non-piercing nipple clamps with a tweezer style ends are tipped in black rubber for added comfort. Each hand crafted piece is a dazzling work of art and completely unique. No two pieces are the same & each is individually stunning. These one of a kind treasures are created from high quality feathers intertwined with each other with unique adornments to add to the luxury and beauty of these nipple clamps. Bijoux de Nip is...

      Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps
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      Item #: SPV04 -

        Spartacus Leathers Clamps Vibrating Nipple Clamps. Vibrating clamps add a buzzing sensation to the nipple clamp experience. Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps with Broad Tips. The golden age of wireless is here. These vibrating nipple clamps have no strings attached. The rubber-tipped alligator style clamp tips are adjustable. Single speed vibrations. Easy to operate push button power control. Batteries included. Nipple clamps weigh 0.46 pound. Spartacus A Quality for Passion Catalog page 27....

        Y Style Clamp Adjustable
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        Item #: SPYF2 -

          Y Style Nipple Clamps Adjustable Broad Tip with Clit Clamp. Y-style attached nipple clamps and clitoral clamp with medium alligator style clamps. The clamps are adjustable, and the clitoral clamp chain detaches from the nipple clamp chain, so you can choose how much to take! The medium clamps are good for general use. A detachable clitoral clamp makes y-style nipple clamps versatile and tempting. Alligator ends. Clitoral clamp and nipple clamps feature a broad tip covered with black rubber for...

          Y Style Tweezer Clamp with Bullet Vibe
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          Spartacus Item #: SPYV2 -

            Y Style Tweezer Clamps with Bullet Vibe combine the sensual sensations of nipple play and vibration in these Y-Style Clamps. The clamps connect with an 18 inches link chain to an easy twist vibrating bullet for pleasure in all the right places! Available with adjustable broad tip clamps and adjustable tweezer clamps. These got a great review from the Sex Toy Testers!

            Y Style W/Clamp
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            Item #: SPYF7 -

              Y-Style Nipple Clamps a detachable clit clamp makes these clamps versatile and tempting. Experience pain and pleasure in several erogenous zones at once with this devilish beauty. The Y-Style Nipple Clamp set from Spartacus uses rubber-tipped tweezer clamps on both the nipples and clitoris for amazing sensation with every movement of the wearer. A jewel-link chain adds a touch of erotic weight and connects the three clamps for sensual synergy. The clamps are all adjustable by moving the small...

              Y- Style Broad Tip Clamps W/ Vib. Bullet
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              Item #: SPYV1 -

                Nipple Clamps Vibrating Clamps add a buzzing sensation to the nipple clamp experience. Adjustable alligator tip mini vibrating nipple clamps. Manipulate your pleasure with the touch of a button. Control your pleasure with the Y-Style Broad Tip With Vibrating Bullet! If you were not already convinced that three is a magic number, this bewitching device will make you a believer! When under its power, even the most adamant skeptic will be shouting abracadabra in ecstasy within moments. It may...