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    365 Sex Moves Positions for Having Sex a New Way Every Day Book by Randi Foxx. Get ready for the best year of your life! 365 Sex Moves offers couples hot and exciting positions for every day of the year. Filled with stunning photography and short technique descriptions that get right to the point, this book allows you to simply pick-up-and-play and do the position shown. Whether youre interested in trying something just a little different or are ready for an advanced acrobatic position, 365...

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      50 Shades of Bondage and Discipline Book by Renee Dubois. Bored with vanilla sex? Now that a certain bestseller has set imaginations afire, everyone is eager to explore the world of BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism). Let the fun and games begin, with this sizzling-hot guide to power play! Learn the ropes (literally) of bondage, try titillating torture for a spanking good time, enjoy daring ideas with whips and Wartenberg wheels, and act out sizzling...

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        50 Tie Me Up Tricks & Bondage Knots. Show some restraint! Today, more people than ever are discovering the pleasures of bondage and the thrill of taking and relinquishing control. These cards will bring their sex lives to the boiling point with more than 20 knots to use for the ties that bind. Along with an exploration of the multiple joys of cuffs, straps, and harnesses, couples will find tips on erotic positions and bonding arrangements to enhance their ecstasy. Discover both Eastern and...

        69 SHADES OF COSMO
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          69 Shades Of Cosmo What's better than 50 shades? 69 shades of Cosmo! This sexy little kit, with its naughty activities, is for bold and adventurous couples only. If you are ready to play, just pick a game card from the deck originally from Cosmo's Kinky Sex Games like Sex for Dessert, Master/Servant, S&M Challenge, or Talk Dirty to Me. And when you want to get really kinky, use the cord that is included in the package for a little light bondage. How far can you go? It's all up to you Meet the...

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            Adult Colouring Book not your childhood coloring books. Adults only.

            Bedroom Bondage Book Game
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              Bedroom Bondage Book just a page away from a spanking! Book Ball and Chain Novelties new line of adult books: Bedroom Book, Bedroom Bondage Book, Bride to be Spin Book and Wild Willy's Spin Book! Each sold separately. Each book contains 8 different adult games! Bedroom Book is the best seller of the collection. Book includes 8 spinner games. Turn the page for a better sex life. From role playing, toys and more to perform an activity fun kinky dares to leave you both hot and bothered. Bedroom...

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                Blow Each Other Away Guide To Oral Sex Book A Couples' Guide to Sensational Oral Sex Written by Jaiya. A playful, practical guide to adventurous and liberating oral sex from the author of Red Hot Touch. How can a book on going down change someone's life? How can having great oral sex be as important as having great intercourse? The truth is that oral sex can actually be the key to unlocking sexual confidence, excitement, and intimacy. With the increasing prevalence of oral sex in the media and...

                BLOW HIM AWAY
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                  Blow Him Away How to Give Him Mind-Blowing Oral Sex Book written by Marcy Michaels and Marie Desalle. Keep him begging for more. It is nothing to be ashamed of. When it comes to performing oral sex, most people fall somewhere between fumbling and clueless. But now, in Blow Him Away you will find practical, easy-to-master techniques that will give you the confidence and skills you need to become an expert in the delicate art of fellatio. Inside you will find: Exercises to whip your tongue,...

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                    Bondage Basics Naughty Knots and Risque Restraints You Need to Know Book by Lord Morpheous. Perfect for the bondage beginner or enthusiasts who wants more practice or new ideas, this book will show you bondage ties for many purposes and effects. Whether you're the top or bottom, dominant or submissive, male or female, this is an essential reference for your bedside table. Lord Morpheous will take you through the basics of BDSM, including the vocabulary, pop culture references, understanding...

                    BONDAGE MINI BOOK
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                      Bondage Mini Book by Lord Morpheous. The Bondage mini book is filled with everything you need to know about the basics of bondage, including 32 sexy knots and all in one petite mini book. Whether you are male or female, top or bottom, dominant or submissive, this pocket guide to bondage has the rope tying techniques you need to know for a wild and fun night. This quick and handy reference takes you through the basics of BDSM, tying techniques, safety considerations, and an overview of kink...

                      BOTTOMING BOOK
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                        Bottoming Book by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy. Almost a decade ago, the first Bottoming Book taught tens of thousands of people that bottoming being a submissive, masochist, slave, boy or girl or other BDSM recipient is as much an art as topping. Since then, the growing popularity of BDSM, and the blossoming of the Internet as a source of information and connection, have created a whole new universe of possibilities for players. Now, the completely updated revised New Bottoming Book gives...

                        CLASSIC SEX POSITIONS
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                          Classic Sex Positions Reinvented: Your Favorite Sex Positions 100 Wild and Erotic Ways Book by Moushumi Ghose. Reinvent the wheel or the cowgirl, as the case may be with this informative and practical guide to sex positions that starts with the classic favorites. Whether you have always loved missionary position or have a passion for doggy style, Classic Sex Positions Reinvented, will help you learn the techniques to master the classic positions and then switch them up in over 100 exciting and...