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Y Style W/Clamp
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    Y-Style Nipple Clamps a detachable clit clamp makes these clamps versatile and tempting. Experience pain and pleasure in several erogenous zones at once with this devilish beauty. The Y-Style Nipple Clamp set from Spartacus uses rubber-tipped tweezer clamps on both the nipples and clitoris for amazing sensation with every movement of the wearer. A jewel-link chain adds a touch of erotic weight and connects the three clamps for sensual synergy. The clamps are all adjustable by moving the small...

    Y- Style Broad Tip Clamps W/ Vib. Bullet
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      Nipple Clamps Vibrating Clamps add a buzzing sensation to the nipple clamp experience. Adjustable alligator tip mini vibrating nipple clamps. Manipulate your pleasure with the touch of a button. Control your pleasure with the Y-Style Broad Tip With Vibrating Bullet! If you were not already convinced that three is a magic number, this bewitching device will make you a believer! When under its power, even the most adamant skeptic will be shouting abracadabra in ecstasy within moments. It may...