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Feeldoe 101: How to Use the Feeldoe

Feeldoe 101: How to Use the Feeldoe

One of the more popular sex gadgets nowadays is the feeldoe. It seems that more and more people would want to have the pleasure and enjoyment that a strap on dildo can give without the hassles and discomfort that are usually associated with them. As such, the interest in the feeldoe kind of adult sex toys has definitely risen through the roof.

Of course, while people are interested, there are still plenty of those who are questioning about the use of the item. Since the f
eeldoe has a new patented design, people are not really sure as to how they should make it work to give them the ultimate pleasure.

If you are among these people, then you should not fret because here is a short primer on how to use the feeldoe:


To replace the straps of the common dildo, the manufacturers of the feeldoe have decided to just include a bulbous end on the item. This bulbous end would go inside a person’s vagina or ass and would enable one to attach the dildo without the straps. You should probably spread the labia a bit before you can find a comfortable fit for you.

You should not worry as the feeldoe would usually be very secure and would not just suddenly fall off while you are having sex.


At first, some people may feel weird about using the feeldoe. This is especially true because of the unique way that it attaches to your body. You may want to just use it in the basic sexual positions first before moving on to the more strenuous setups.

This is so that you would be able to first gauge the proper strength and positions that you could take before you feel any kind of discomfort or awkwardness while using the feeldoe.

Hopefully, you would be able to use this guide to help achieve great pleasure while utilizing the unique feeldoe design.

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