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5 Types of Penis Rings

5 Types of Penis Rings - Which Penis Ring is For You?

When people think of simple sex toys one of the first things that come to their minds would be the penis ring. The common thinking is that you can’t get any simple than putting this thing on the cock. As such, many are not really interest in these cock rings as they think that they are too simple to provide any kind of sensual enjoyment.

This is actually a big misconception when it comes to penis rings. This is because they are not really as simple as they seem. There are plenty of penis ring types that can provide excitement to the people. There are metal cock rings, vibrating cock ring toys and a whole host of others that are able to add the variety and spice that you would want.

Here are a few of the different penis ring types available in the market:

The classic penis ring is the simplest of the bunch. It is the basic iteration of the item. It is simply a round ring that you would slip into your cock to be able to feel the stimulating pleasure and to help in providing that tingling sensation to your partners. There are quite a few types of this as there are plastic items as well as metal cock rings that tend to provide different sensual pleasures.

Another type of penis ring is the adjustable one. In this iteration, it is not a fixed circle or oblong shape but has a mechanism that would allow users to adjust the width or girth of the item. A perfect choice for those who want to put some variable regarding how tight they would want the penis ring to fit on them.

The stimulating penis ring is a bit more nuanced than the classic cock ring. This is because it would usually have subtle grooves or spikes to help provide the women with the pleasure of additional things poking inside them while the cock is inside. The designs and placement of the spikes would usually vary depending on the specific item that was purchased.

A penis ring that is a bit more on the aggressive side would be the penetrating type. This variant would have longer spokes and nubs that would stimulate the walls of your partner while you are wearing them. There are even some types which have very long spokes to truly make your partner feel the sensations as you are thrusting inside them.

Lastly, another type is the highly exciting vibrating cock ring. As the name implies, the vibrating penis ring has a mechanism built into it so that it would vibrate when you are using it. This serves a dual purpose as you are not only able to pleasure your partner with the vibrations but would also feel it while you are wearing the item.

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